Mikey Dread - "World War III"

  1. The Jumping Master
  2. Break Down the Walls
  3. Jah Jah Love (In the Morning)
  4. Israel Stylee (ext. play)
  5. Money Dread
  6. Mental Slavery
  7. Skin Head Skank
  8. Losers Weepers, Finders Keepers
  9. World War III (ext. play)
10. Warrior Stylee
11. DATC Masterpiece
12. Break Down the Dub
13. Seekers Dub
14. Jamaican Dub
15. Flat Fee Dub

First Released: 1980
Label: Dread at the Controls
Product #: DATC CD 2001
Available on CD at the Mikey Dread Online-Store
Available for digital download on iTunes